Mustang Leadership Partners

About MLP


Protecting, preserving and sustaining the wild American mustang.


Our vision is a population of wild American mustangs, secure in their rightful place as living emblems of American freedom and benefiting from safe environments and humane and natural care.

MLP Mustangs

Mustang Leadership Partners is home to thirteen mustangs, a number that varies as we adopt new horses and welcome foals on the farm. Eight of our mustangs are Kiger mustangs, a rare and sought-after breed first discovered at a round-up in Betty’s Butte, Oregon, in 1977. Kiger mustangs possess traits very similar to the ancient Spanish horses introduced to North America by the Spanish conquistadors who invaded Mexico in the early 1500s. Now a breed with its own registry, Kiger mustangs are popular horses, boasting sound feet, good minds, boldness and sturdy endurance.
Most of the Mustang Leadership Partners mustangs were adopted from the Bureau of Land Management. All of our Kigers are registered with the Kiger Mesteño Association, an organization that has been registering Kiger mustangs for over 20 years.Mustang Leadership Partners is the permanent home for some of our mustangs. Others are sold after an intensive placement process to “adoptive” families or individuals who can provide appropriate care and a nurturing environment.