Mustang Leadership Partners

Academic Standards


The MLP program requires a year-long commitment and dedication to several academic and citizenship standards:
• High attendance rate
• Proficiency/Excellence in horsemanship skills
• Building relationship skills: collaborative, cooperative, and harmonious community (between mustang and girl and with peers)
• Developing accountability to leaders, peers, and self
• Developing self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem
• Managing emotional congruency and stability: assertive, authentic, and respectful communication skills (with mustang and peers)
• Accepting responsibility for all decisions made and all actions taken
• Developing leadership and community building skills
• Developing tools to embrace change: positive attitude toward changing behavior and a willingness to try something different

To participate in the MLP program, CGLA students must complete an application and selection process based upon their commitment to the above standards and their current academic standing. The program can serve up to sixteen students (eight middle school and eight high school).