Mustang Leadership Partners


Breed Show in Culpeper, VA

Once again, our warmblood partners, De Ciel, Secret Formula, Secret Devotion, and D’oree, traveled to Culpeper, VA for their second breed show. Results: Secret Formula won Champion two-year-old Colt, Reserve Champion Colt and Champion Young Horse. Secret Devotion won two-year-old Filly and Reserve Champion Young Horse. De Ciel won Reserve two-year-old Filly. Our next and …

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Equestrian Chaos Visits MLP

“Equestrian Chaos and The Mustang Leadership Program join forces once again for an epic archery experience! Keep following your arrows ladies! You’re talented, beautiful and stunningly fierce when that bow gets in your hands. We look forward to out next adventure together” -Equestrian Chaos

CGLA Highlights MLP Program

Our MLP Equestrian students do more than simply ride and perform dressage routines. We like to carry over our STEM curriculum and teach about equine science during our afterschool sessions!•••••#mustangs #stem #stemeducation #equine #horse #horse #equestrian #education — CGLA (@CGLA_Chatt) February 23, 2022

Ginger Duke visits MLP

A special thanks goes out to Ginger Duke, a professional trick rider, and her student, Ellie Butler, for stopping by Mustang Leadership Partners and not only amazing them with all of her stunts, but also sharing her story of perseverance and determination! For more information visit Dynamite Dames

Mustangs Compete in the WDAA Worlds 2020

During the pandemic of Covid-19, our mustangs, Argentina, Bella, James and Lily, trained and competed in the WDAA’s 2020 Virtual Western Dressage Show. They all qualified for the World Championship Finals. See the “Current Horses” tab for more information on these amazing horses. WDAA is the Western Dressage Association of America.  It is a USEF …

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