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MLP Hosts Heritage Foundation’s Camp Wildfire

On June 3, 2013, Mustang Leadership Partners had the privilege of hosting Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) staff members who spent the day teaching and interacting with MLP students as part of MHF’s Camp Wildfire. Nine MLP students attended Camp Wildfire, and they enjoyed a full day of activities and lessons! In between fun activities such as relay races, acrylic painting, leather tooling, and songwriting, the MLP students learned more about the American mustang and land stewardship from MHF experts.

Kyla Hogan gave an overview of the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation and described how these organizations work to preserve American mustangs. Then Byron Hogan talked with the MLP students about the strengths and characteristics of mustangs, and Randi Blasienz added an inspiring presentation about the efforts of Wild Horse Annie. After spending time reflecting and writing about what they had learned throughout the day, the MLP students finished the camp day with a scavenger hunt, a nice swim, and a water volleyball game! Camp Wildfire was an excellent start to the MLP students’ summer vacation!

Click Here to learn more about the Mustang Heritage Foundation and Camp Wildfire

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