Mustang Leadership Partners

Mustangs Travel to the World Equestrian Games September 14-16, 2018

Mustang Leadership Partners is going to The World Equestrian Games at TRYON Equestrian Center. We are so proud to be able to go to WEG and represent the wild American Mustang while we are there. On Saturday, September 15, the MLP students will take center stage and introduce an audience to the magic that is the Mustang. The students will tell how these amazing horses have influenced their lives by teaching them important life lessons. They have gained self-confidence, and are becoming strong leaders. The MLP students will be joined by Mary Jordan who will give a brideless demo on one of her BLM Mustangs.

Every day at the World Equestrian Games MLP’s documentary “When the Dust Settles” will be playing; please check event packets to find times and location.

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