Mustang Leadership Partners

Our Horses

Although home to other horses, Mustang Leadership Partners opened barns, pastures, trainers and hearts to wild mustangs when a dark bay gelding, Chief of Minnekahda, was adopted in 1998. Twelve other mustangs currently share Chief’s home, a number that varies as we adopt new mustangs and welcome foals on the farm.Eight of the current Mustang Leadership Partners mustangs are Kiger mustangs, a rare and sought-after breed now with its own registries. Kiger mustangs boast sound feet, good minds, boldness and sturdy endurance. You may read about the breed’s characteristics under “About Mustangs” on this website.
Mustang Leadership Partners has become the permanent home for many mustangs, like Chief. Others have been placed with families or individuals, and adoptions will continue as we work to achieve our core mission: to protect, preserve and sustain the wild American mustang. Each placement is made only after an intensive screening process to determine that the mustangs will be provided appropriate care and a nurturing environment.