Mustang Leadership Partners

Tryon International Equestrian Center – June 2017

The MLP students were invited to Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) to perform their in-hand choreography on June 17, 2017 during the TIEC Saturday Night Lights event. The girls presented their demo as the opener for the Grand Prix Dressage musical freestyles. The girls and mustangs performed flawlessly in front of a large audience and an electric atmosphere. Yhara was paired with Breeze for this event and together they demonstrated the wonderful characteristics of the Kiger mustangs. Mya performed with Lily, a young mustang who is just learning the ropes of being a performance horse, Mya handled Lily with excellent leadership and maturity. We were also pleased to bring Vinceia, V.C., a graduate member of MLP and a college student at Middle Tennessee State University, with us to perform with Chief one more time. V.C. and Chief share an incredibly close bond and it was wonderful to see these two old friends enjoying themselves and dancing in front of a cheering crowd. The demonstration was narrated by Kasidey who commanded the attention of the audience with interesting information about each of the horses involved in the demo. After the Grand Prix freestyles were completed, we presented a screening of the documentary “When the Dust Settles”. To read more CLICK HERE.

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