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Chattanooga, TN

Protecting, preserving, and sustaining the American mustang as a vital part of our national heritage

About MLP                                                                                         

Protect, Preserve, and Maintain

Mustang Leadership Partners is home to fourteen mustangs, a number that changes as we adopt new horses and welcome foals on the farm.

Our facility is the permanent home for some of our mustangs. Others are sold after an intensive placement process to “adoptive” families or individuals who can provide appropriate care and a nurturing environment.

Many of our mustangs were adopted from the United States Bureau of Land Management. All of our Kigers are registered with the Kiger Mesteño Association.

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Our Team

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Sue Anne Wells, PH.D.


Horses are emotional, honest creatures, who respond to sensory stimulation: the body language they see, the touches they feel, and the sounds they hear. Therefore, communicating with horses requires that we adapt. We need to learn their language so that we can instill a sense of safety and security. And when we have a horse’s trust, we experience a communion of the spirit that transcends. Because like the horse, we need to feel safe and secure in order to flourish.


Through Mustang Leadership Partners, the loyal, loving bonds formed between CGLA students and their horses glean an understanding that extends beyond the barn. Our girls learn that attentiveness, respect, trust, and cooperation are attributes that will connect you with all life.

Michelle Adams



   Michelle Adams is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. She has successfully competed to the Prix St. George level. Michelle has been working for Mustang Leadership Partners since 2009.

   Michelle is the farm Mom here at Mustang Leadership Partners.
Whether she is working with a young horse or a young student her
steady, persistent guidance is a cornerstone to the success of the
MLP program. During her years here, Michelle has started several of
the working horses: Amis, Lily, Preta, and Strider.

   Teaching riding for the after school girls school program is an important job, and Michelle’s background in therapeutic riding has been an asset to the program. Patience, understanding, and learning to be a calm leader are keys to the riding program at Mustang Leadership Partners; Michelle is the embodiment of these traits.


Shannon Betts


   Shannon Betts is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist. She earned her medals on horses that she trained herself, beginning with them as three year olds and developing them up the levels. Shannon has trained and competed with many different breeds including: American Mustangs, American Quarter Horses, National Show Horses, Arabians, Morgans, PREs, and a variety of warmbloods. Shannon trains with and draws knowledge from renowned clinicians including Albrecht Heideman, Jaun Matute, and Tami Crawford. With Mustang Leadership Partners, Shannon has had the unique opportunity to work with and train many wild horses.

   One of her most cherished highlights was being able to train Dart, an American Mustang, all the way to schooling the Grand Prix movements. Unfortunately Dart was taken from this world before he competed at the FEI levels. Shannon deeply appreciates the intelligence and ability that these often-overlooked horses have. She believes the Mustangs have amazing heart and a special ability to bond with their humans. According to Shannon, “The Mustangs teach us so much about ourselves; Are we good leaders? Are we good listeners? Are we fair? If you can gain the trust of a wild horse and teach them to work for you, then you are better prepared to navigate other areas of life.”

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