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Our Retired/Former MLP Horses

Palm Beach Breeze [Breeze]  -Deceased-

breeze website.jpeg

Born: 2001, Harney County, Oregon [range-bred]

Color: Dun

Registered: AMBA, KMA

   Mustang Leadership Partners purchased Breeze in 2006 from Billy Walls of Georgia. Breeze got her name because she was first adopted at a BLM Auction in Palm Beach, Florida. Since arriving at MLP, Breeze has been very busy. Not only has she seamlessly integrated into our after school program, but she has also shown in the spotlight: She performed in the 2008 Christmas parade in Dayton, Tennessee. In 2009, she appeared in the PBS docudrama “We Shall Remain”. She also performed in a ground work demonstration, handled by Yhara at the 2013 Mustang Million event in Texas. In 2010, Breeze produced a beautiful colt by Kiger stallion Fournier’s Steen’s Vaquero, Just James.

   Breeze is one of the favorite mustangs we have on the farm. She is wonderful with the students, and they love that she can teach them so much. She is safe and kind enough to work with the beginners, yet talented enough that the older students can refine their skills and learn more complicated movements.

“Breeze was the first horse that I worked with, and even though we don’t get along all the time, she’s a very good and awesome horse. She makes me feel better about myself. She acts just like me!” – CeCe

Chief of Minnekahda [Chief] -Deceased-

Born: April 1998, Palomino Valley, Nevada [range-bred]

Color: Dark Bay

Registered: AMBA, USDF, USEF

   Chief was the first Mustang to be adopted by Mustang Leadership Partners from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Chief is a great example of the diverse trainability that mustangs have. He has successfully competed in Dressage, Hunter/Jumpers, and Endurance Riding.

   Currently Chief is a vital member of the after school program. He is a favorite of the girls. He participates in everything from riding lessons to having bows tied into his mane for grooming contests. He is gentle, careful and calm when the girls are handling him. He has helped teach girls to ride, give IM and IV injections, pull nails out of shoes, and to be more confident in themselves.

chief PP.jpeg

Narcil [Narci] 

Narci PP.jpeg

Born: April 2002, Owyhee, Nevada [range-bred]

Color: Gray

Registered: AMBA, USDF, USEF

   Mustang Leadership Partners adopted Narci in 2003 from the BLM. While she wasn’t the farm owner’s first pick, her son saw something that no one else did in the skinny, funny looking, dark horse. Narci was named by the young boy who picked her from the range; he wanted to name her something that was strong and powerful since the little horse was anything but. He decided on Narsil the name of a sword form The Lord of the Rings. Narsil is a Quenya word ‘it was a symbolic name, pointing to the Sun and the Moon, the “chief heavenly lights, as enemies of darkness”’.

   With time, Narci developed into a horse well deserving the name bestowed upon her by a young boy. In her life, she has achieved many great accomplishments: She successfully participated in several 30-mile endurance rides. She was in the 2008 Christmas parade in Dayton, Tennessee. In 2009, she was in the PBS docudrama “We Shall Remain”, and in 2010 was featured in the Emmy winning docudrama “Untamed Legacy: America’s Wild Mustang”. Narci helped her owner, Sue Anne Wells, earn her USDF Bronze Medal Rider Award. In 2012, Narci participated in a riding demonstration in the Mustang Million event in Texas. Narci received an “All-Breeds Award” in dressage at second level, a triumph for mustangs whose versatility and ability to compete are just now being recognized in the sport of dressage.

   Reaching the end of her show career, Narci worked wonderfully with the students in the afterschool program at MLP.

Argentina [Arg]

Born: 2011, Frenchglen, Oregon[range-bred]

Color: Gray

Registered: AMBA

   Argentina was adopted by Mustang Leadership Partners in 2011 at the Kiger Auction Adoption at the BLM facility in Burns, Oregon. Argentina came to MLP as a very sick 4 month old filly. Argentina was orphaned during the BLM gathering at 8 weeks old and when Sue Anne saw the shaggy stray dog of a horse at 3 months old she couldn’t leave her. The staff here at MLP put a lot of sweat and tears into Arg’s rehab, but what a success it was. Argentina is happy, healthy and thriving!

   Argentina was in dressage training and ready to show when we made an unfortunate discovery. Due to the lack of nutrition received both in utero and after losing her mom at such a young age, Arg developed arthritis in her neck. She was unable to hold her neck in the collected position needed for dressage work. So, like with all our horses, we worked until we found a job that Arg could do. Argentina spent some time competing in combined driving events. Now she is transitioning into working with the students and is quickly becoming a favorite.

2C6D49FB-BF10-4D79-8D79-E3690787868A copy.JPG

Caliente [Cali]

Born: 2005, California [range-bred]

Color: Flea Bitten Gray

Registered: AMBA

   Mustang Leadership Partners adopted Cali from the BLM in 2006. Cali was almost deemed unadoptable before MLP found her due to a large scar on her left hind leg. Though it didn’t seem to trouble her, the outward appearance of an old injury was all it took for people to walk away from this adorable pony. MLP gave Cali a chance and while she isn’t always easy, she has a lot to teach. Once she was brought to the farm it didn’t take too long to discover that Cali was deaf.

   While some might see this as a limiting factor, at MLP we see it is a great tool to educating our students about difference and finding new ways to communicate. Cali also teaches our students a great deal about patience and paying attention. She is not the easiest horse in the barn and will try to sneak a nip if you aren’t looking, but we use these things as a method of showing students how to be persistent, strong and thoughtful leaders. Although Cali is sometimes tricky to work with, she really does put her all into working with young students. She participated in a groundwork demonstration with Yhara at the Southern Equine Expo in 2013.

“The mustang that inspired me at the farm is Cali because she can’t hear or see well, but she is still able to do the same things that the other mustangs can do. She may not do it perfectly, but she always tries. This inspired me because English is my second language and I always try to participate in things even though I still don’t know English very well.” – Frida


Little Thunder [Dart]  -Deceased-


Sire: Unknown

Dam: Mattie

Born: April 6, 2006

Color: Dark Bay

Registered: AMBA, USDF, USEF

Dart was born here on our farm.  When we adopted his mother, she was unknowingly in foal with him.  At an early age we discovered that Dart had 3 quality gaits and later when we started him under saddle it became clear that he had the temperament to excel at Dressage. Dart was instrumental in helping Sue Anne achieve her USDF Bronze medal and showed with her to 4th level. 

Kachina Doll [Kachina]

Sire: Cherokee Rainbow

Dame: Satin Lady

Born: 2005

Color: Grulla

Registered: AMBA, KMA

   Kachina was purchased with her dam in 2006 from Billy Walls of Georgia. Kachina Dolls are wooden carvings used by the Hopi people of Northeastern Arizona to depict deities and spirit gods. They are very detailed hand carved sculptures that are generally brightly painted and are used to tell the story of the deity that they represent.

   Unfortunately, Kachina suffered a freak pasture accident as 2 year old, which severely limits her as a riding horse. Kachina was bred to Just James in 2013 and foaled a colt the following spring. This breeding passed on the Kiger line to another generation.

   While Kachina served the MLP program very well during her tenure, she has since been sold and is now living in Kentucky.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Pret A Sauter [Preta] 


Sire: Unknown

Dam: Lily

Born: February 29, 2012 [range-bred]

Color: Dun

Registered: None

   Preta came to us as the somewhat common BLM two-for-one special. Lily was adopted and brought form Oregon to Tennessee before anyone realized that she was pregnant. Thankfully, Lil foaled out without complication, and Preta was the wonderful result of that surprise.

   Preta’s name means “ready to leap” an apt name for her as she was born on Leap Day, February 29, 2012. Preta trained with Michelle to prepare for her centerline debut. This spunky mare was full of personality and opinions. She was great fun to work with as she had enough attitude to keep you on your toes.

   Following a great stint on the farm, Preta has joined the equestrian program at Hiwassee College

Damon's D'Orée [D'Orée]

Sire: Damon Hill

Dame: Rhodos

Breed: Westphilian

Born: May 2004

Color: Chestnut

Registered: USDF, USEF

We purchased Dorée as a 3-year-old and imported her from Germany. She was everything you hear about in a “chestnut mare”: hot headed, smart as a whip and had a way of looking you in the eyes that went far deeper than any ‘regular’ horse.  This one had the “it” factor.  As she began her training, she amazed everyone who met her because she was determined, had an incredible work ethic, and laser focus.  We won a title at 3rd Level at USDF Regionals but our time was tragically cut short when before heading to Florida for the season she injured herself in turnout and then foundered badly in response to medications she was given.  Our veterinarian in Alabama fought valiantly to save her and while she survived, her feet were badly compromised so a return to work was out of the question.  She lived another 5 years at our vet’s home and he cared for her until the time came that she was ready to rest.


We put our heads together and thought “what if we tried to clone her”? It had become quite common in polo and had good success, so we looked into it.  When you consider what it costs to import a horse you know nothing about and then hope that it has the right mind, body, health and confirmation to do the job, why not try to see if you can get a clone of the one you know had the “it” factor? The rest is history. Even though we eventually lost our original D’Orée, she enabled us to have 2 clones of her.  Damon’s D’Orée Clone 1 and Damon’s D’Orée Clone 2. Check out their bios to see what we think of it!

Doree PP.jpg

Robinet [Roebi]

Roebi PP.jpeg

Sire: Rousseau

Dame: Damon's D'Orée

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Born: May 2009

Color: Black

Registered: USDF, USEF, KWPN

   Roebi was born at Mustang Leadership Partners. Roebi is the class clown of the barn. He is always making silly faces and doing everything he can for attention. Roebi had quality scores at 4th level. He is now working to teach college students more about horses at Murray State University.

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